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Kelsey Staub Art

When I am creating art, I feel more alive than words can describe. The relationship I have with art is deep, passionate, and unending. By entering a state of flow, being completely involved in an activity for its own sake, I connect to my art wholeheartedly. 

My creative process is intuitive: working with the materials available and allowing the art to be an outlet for my emotions. What inspires me to create are my personal experiences: nature, travel and my interest in phenomenological psychology - the study of perception. As a growing therapist, I am motivated to understand and unravel the endlessly complex forces at work in the human experience.



Susan Lawson Bowman Outstanding Painting Award, 2014

Andy's Frame Shop, 2015

New Moon Bakery and Cafe, 2015

Taught art workshop in Kota Kinabula at Asylum, 2015

Howe Elementary School working with students, 2014 - 2016

Commission piece for the Honey Cellar, 2016

Ozo Coffee display (Pearl), 2016

Ozo Coffee display (Arapahoe), 2016

Silver Stem display, Nederland, 2015 - present

Wandering Art Gallery, Denver: Design/Element, July, 2016

Emergency Family Assistance, September - October 2016



Coe College, Bachelors in Studio Art and Psychology

Naropa University, Masters in Art Therapy