We celebrate lifelong creativity and include artists at every stage of development, growth, understanding and lifestyle. 

Many of us have unique and fascinating interpretations about the nature of our art, creativity, passions and purpose. Many of us have learned how to find or rekindle our gratitude and joy toward life through our creative ideas and works. 

We round out our shows and events featuring established artists, with the work of young independent artists, students (K-adult), developmentally disabled artists, older and mature artists, artists in recovery, homeless and/or displaced artists, and artists who feel unsure as to how to show at all. We reserve at least one wall each First Friday for someone who has never shown before and/or is new to the art world. 

We try to keep our prices reasonable, so that our creativity and ideas can be enjoyed by the widest possible audience.

We also listen to and (some of us) play a lot of music.

We also tend to quote Monty Python and Young Frankenstein and other things similar.


If you are interested in saying hello to us, please e-mail us at wanderingartgallery@gmail.com.

If you are interested in showing, or know someone who would like to show, please contact us here

If you are interested in information on our Foundation, please click here.