First Friday shows are up for two weeks.

We show all forms of 2-D and 3-D art. We do not show things that may cause the gallery to burn down, explode, or -although it certainly sounds intriguing- to shift into another dimension or universe entirely. Please plan accordingly.

If you are a video/light-work artist, we do have the capacity for most kinds of video and light-work. 

We host musicians, poets, spoken word artists and other performance artists as often as we can.


-The gallery takes 30% of earnings for the evening. This helps us keep our doors open. This fee is waived for schools and non-profit organizations:)

-We do not charge for wall space for First Fridays UNLESS you want to reserve a specific wall for your work. Please go here for prices and info.


-The MONDAY before First Friday is the optimal day to bring in your work and hang it.

-The TUESDAY before First Friday is a perfectly good day to bring in your work and hang it.

-The WEDNESDAY before First Friday, after 12:00 is the DEADLINE for bringing in your work and hanging it.

-There is no Thursday before First Friday or Day-Of-First-Friday hanging. If the Wednesday deadline cannot be met, we will try to reschedule you for another time if we have space available.


-All the necessary tools, fixtures, command strips, hooks, nails, spikes, spears, jack-hammers, incantations and other things which will be needed to hang your work.

-An “Artist’s Statement.” In the past these have included everything from a three-page single-spaced detailed account of everything that a particular artist had ever done from the time of their birth until the present day, to Ramones’ lyrics, to a five word declaration. Your artist’s statement should reflect who you are, and why you do what you do.

-Tags and prices for your work. Generally you will tape these to the walls near your work.


-As soon as you have hung your show, please provide the gallery with a full and complete inventory of all of the pieces and works you are displaying, including title, media and price. We want to make sure that we all know what’s what and what’s where.


-Whether you will take your own money and keep receipts or whether the gallery will. We accept cash, credit cards and some tap cards.


-The exhibition runs from 6:00 pm - 10:00 ish pm. Parking can be horrible at times, so please plan accordingly.

-Please plan on staying as long as you can, and being as involved as you can with our patrons, if you are comfortable doing that. We understand that many artists are more comfortable just sitting quietly and observing, and that’s great too. We have found that our patrons love talking to artists about technique, work, ideas, and philosophies:)

-The gallery provides a bit of food and drink to our patrons on First Friday. Please feel free to bring food and drink to share, if you are able.


-We will work out a takedown time with you. This is generally two weeks after First Friday.