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Having always possessed the eye for color, movement and design, I am incredibly moved by artwork of all kinds. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to create (my poor Barbies went through traumatic changes; long before tattoos were in, my Barbies were colored in ink with my own personal designs.) I remember my mother telling her friends when I was the ripe age of 5, "She will be an artist or an actress!" Maybe too late for an acting career – although my class at Emily Griffith may disagree as I'm always acting out some sketch or another. However it's never too late to be an artist, to create, enjoy and have fun!

If you like to paint or create art . . . do it! If you like to look at art or it moves you in some way . . . buy it!



Parker's Art In The Park

Saatchi, "Art Inspired By Picasso," collection

December 2014, Wandering Art Gallery, Denver, CO "Holiday Market"